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Exterior columns are an architectural asset: a smart, elegant way to frame a driveway or entrance and significantly raise your home’s curbside appeal with the look of stone or brick.

These columns do a beautiful job in dressing up the entrance or driveway designs of a home or place of business—the section of your property most immediately visible to the public. They add class and style in a wide variety of finishes that replicate natural materials such as brick and stone to an incredibly lifelike degree.

But the columns are even tougher and more durable than real stone or rock. Their polyurethane material stands up to moisture, heat, sunlight, wind and other extreme climate conditions, as well as pest and insect damage and all other forms of wear and tear that give outdoor structures such a beating. They won’t crack, peel or fade, and will look as well-crafted and new in the years to come as they do when first installed.

Polyurethane brings with it another incredible advantage. The columns are sturdy and durable, and look heavy, but are in fact lightweight and user-friendly, cost-effective to ship, transport and install. This is a project that won’t require a mason! With some basic tools and equipment likely to be on hand already, the average homeowner can follow our concise, step-by-step illustrated guidelines and have installation completed in only a few hours, without back strain, stress or huge cost outlays to hire a professional crew.

Each exterior column is designed in compliance with federal safety regulations to collapse upon impact with an automobile. With a cutting-edge design and classic form all rolled into one, this is one good-looking landscape tool.