Electrical Outlet Covers & Switch Frames

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Decorative stone outlet covers and switch frames are a wonderful touch to help blend your electrical outlets, light switches and more with your wall design. While they are made to perfectly match the color options of our various Wellington and Regency panels, these outlet frames can easily be used with practically any style panel we offer or as stand-alone accents.

These frames offer incredible durability and versatility. Made from the same great polyurethane material as many of our panels, they are are simple to install and easy to cut in order to create double switch trim.

As an indoor element, they’ll help you seamlessly blend your wall outlets into any accent wall or wainscoting. On an exterior they’ll do the same while withstanding wind, rain, chipping, cracking and deterioration far better than the real thing. Any remodeling project can benefit from a touch of stone to enhance the look and appeal. With thicker panel designs, outlet frames also help to hide any raw edges while offering an easy way to pull the electrical box forward for a flush, finished look.

Why leave an unsightly hole, attempt mitering a tiny opening or force other products to fit when you could have the frame designed to complement our panels? Just choose the color that matches (or best matches) your chosen color scheme or panel choice and have your home updated in no time.