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Our faux stone and rock mailbox posts serve function and beauty equally well. They’re strong and sturdy, but remarkably easy to install—in no time, you’ll have the best-dressed mailbox in town! Almost every home has a basic and functional receptor for mail, but these mailbox posts in faux rock and stone designs immediately raise the style bar for your property. You’re bringing an extra design element into an overall landscape scheme. They impart taste and balanced structure to the highly-visible space outside your home.

The faux mailbox posts are attractive, well-designed and work well with almost any building style. While you’ll fall in love with their good looks, though, these posts have a lot more to offer. They’re sturdy and yet incredibly lightweight. Although they look like they’re made from actual rock or stone, their composition makes them much stronger—an important consideration for a structure that takes daily beatings from harsh weather, sunlight, moisture, wind and cold. Pest and insect damage, fading, peeling and erosion are nothing to worry about—polyurethane and polyethylene resist them beautifully.

Another major advantage of their design is its user-friendliness. They’re easy for a homeowner to install, without the need to hire a contractor or mason. They look heavy, but are incredibly lightweight, promising a hassle-free installation with the help of our illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Using some basic tools that you probably have on hand already, you’ll have your mailbox securely in place in almost no time.

Please check with your local building codes for proper installation requirements and compliance with safety regulations for your region. Some states, territories and municipalities require posts along roadways to be collapsible upon impact with cars.