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  • Interior wall panels with stacked stone texture create an accent wall in a sunroom.
  • Indoor wall paneling in River Rock style, Mixed Tan color adds bold texture to a living room wall.
  • Stone veneer siding in the Drystack style complements the wooden doors of a garage exterior.
  • Stone textured wall panels in Iced Coffee color in a luxury home's game room.
  • Nailon exterior siding panels around a home's gabled window, an easy affordable siding option.
  • Cobblestone wall panels transform a basement into a chic underground tavern.

This huge collection of interior wall panels and siding options will help you find the perfect solution to transform the entire face of your décor. These products offer one of the simplest ways to beautify rooms within your home, commercial spaces and outdoor settings such as house exteriors, garden and patio areas.

These wall panels are an effective design tool for recreating the beauty of brick, rock, stonework, wood and other costly, well-crafted finishes within the home, without the cost and disadvantages inherent in working with the actual materials. Each piece brilliantly replicates the appearance of these natural substances down to tiny details and irregularities of coloring and texture.

Faux panels® and siding are composed of polyurethane, which is an incredibly durable material that boasts a much greater resistance than actual rock, brick or stone in the face of harsh conditions such as moisture, light, heat, cold and wind. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear from pest and insect damage, fading, peeling or cracking, even years after installation. Polyurethane panels and siding will maintain their fresh appearance for years to come.

Another great advantage that polyurethane has to offer is its convenient, lightweight nature, which brings a cost-effective, uncomplicated installation within reach of the skills of the average homeowner. The panels may look heavy and substantial, but they’re easily lifted and put in place for installation. No need to hire a mason or other professional—you can get the job done yourself, using tools and equipment which are most likely on hand already! Just follow our easy, step-by-step instructions, and you’ll soon be enjoying your handiwork for years to come.