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It’s often a good idea to retouch a panel's paint after it’s been mitered. Our touch-up kits for the Regency, Wellington, Norwich, Carlton and Windsor line of panels come in every range of colors and shades to match with any of the varied panels we offer. Safe, non-toxic and completely user-friendly, this is the best method for perfecting and maintaining that fresh, pristine finish.

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Though your faux panels® are highly durable and stand up brilliantly to all sorts of stress, there is always a possibility that you might want to reapply some color effects, either directly as a result of installation or at some point in the long lifespan of your panels. This will guarantee a long-lasting, professional appearance.

Our faux panel touch up paint kits fulfill this need perfectly. Any cut you make to the panels—most likely occurring during installation—needs to be coated to prevent discoloration that will be exacerbated over time if untreated.

Touch-up kits are available for a number of our faux panel styles and contain the applicable conatiners of paint to handle the different colors appearing within a particular panel. You are completely covered, as your panel will be!