FauxPanels on NBC Channel 4 News

NBC Channel 4 News

Interior design expert Francesco Bilotto visits the set of NBC Channel 4 News in NY during their morning DIY segment on home upgrades for summer. Calling FauxPanels a “game-changer”, Bilotto shows the host and viewers at home some samples of the panels, plus before and after photos of an outdoor grill remodel using faux stone.


Host: It's the first day of June, as we've been saying all morning. Summer's just a few weeks away. If you need a seasonal upgrade, look no further. We're getting our Francisco fix this morning with our friend to the show, Francesco Bilotto. Good morning to you my dear!

Francesco: Good morning, happy June 1st, happy summer. Perfect beach and summer day today.

Host: So let's talk, this is great! I never would have thought of this.

Francesco:You know, it's a game changer. These are basically not real, they're faux stone, faux panels. And they're made of high-density polyurethane. From backsplashes to fireplaces, indoors or outside, barbeques...This one in particular is my favorite because I love the style of it. But do you see how easy? It just interlocks like this - boom. Lightweight, durable, perfect DIY. It's amazing. They come in a thousand different finishes.

Host: I think we have pictures, before and after.

Francesco We do, check it out.

Host: That's a grill.

Francesco: Yup, that's the before photo. It's good, you know, nothing wrong with it. But let's jazz it up a little, ta da! Not bad! And with the money you save, look you can get a TV and never miss a minute of your show. How perfect is that? It's a game changer, bottom line.

Host: It truly is! And it doesn't mess up your wall? It just glues on?

Francesco: It glues on, there's all sorts of different applications you can do with it, but the finishes are just so fantastic. This one is my favorite though.