Waterfalls & Water Feature Ideas

Simple, Sophisticated & Easy to Maintain

Backyard waterfalls are a beautiful addition that can greatly enhance the overall feel of your home. Others opt to incorporate indoor water features to their decor such as water walls or small ponds.

Using FauxPanels® as a backdrop for these water features has numerous benefits over using the real thing. One important consideration is that the panels weigh a fraction of real rock and stone so you won’t need to worry about additional supports or weakening structural integrity when installing them.

They’re also DIY friendly – even if this is your first project. Unlike traditional masonry, there’s no need for time consuming custom cuts or messy mortar to put them up. Every panel can be cut with common tools and installs using no more than construction adhesive and/or screws.

The panels are made from high-density polyurethane which is weatherproof and moisture resistant. For water features this means that they’ll stay looking great for years without warping, splitting, cracking or deteriorating – no costly upkeep needed.

Whether you’re building a waterfall in the garden or want to surround a pond or fountain with the look of stone, there’s a style and color option that will suit all of your design needs!


  1. Weatherproof & Moisture Resistant
  2. Incredibly Lightweight
  3. Realistic Appearance
  4. Maintenance Free
  5. Installs Quick and Easy
Our Customers say:

Just wanted to show you how well my pond project turned out using your Regency panels. I was so pleased with how easy it was to use your panels and how realistic they look. Thanks for your quick delivery and great product.

Tom S.

We used the faux rock for the wall in our baptistery at church. We mounted a stain glass cross on it and made a waterfall that cascades down it . Then we put blue lights to reflect on it. Everyone loves it and thinks it it real rock. They are surprised when they find out it is faux rock! Highly recommend this product!

Bennie D. - Marietta, SC

There will be many more projects to come, and many more pictures to come also.

Realistic faux stone for accent walls and water features.
Wellington Panels
Beautiful, rugged and sophisticated stone, rock and bamboo designs add an interesting touch in and around water features.
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Ultra-realistic texture brings an impressive look to your designs.
Regency Panels
Dynamic texture and realistic beauty create eye-catching visual details on your designs. Get the look of traditional stonework and masonry without the weight, upkeep or hassle of the real thing.
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Easily add a rugged or sophisticated quality to backyard waterfalls.
Norwich Panels
The texture and colors of Norwich faux stone veneer make them an amazing choice for water features. The classic, rugged touches of stacked stone, drystack and stone wall or the sophisticated look of random rock and coral will make any design stand out.
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Classic stone, rock and brick designs in a lightweight, easy to install panel.
Carlton Panels
Durable, DIY-friendly faux stone, rock and brick panels available in a range of styles and colors will bring the classic and eye-catching look of traditional masonry to your designs.
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Update the look of your interior or exterior water features in less time.
Windsor Panels
Easily our lightest and most DIY-friendly panel design. Have your water features updated with a professional stone look in no time without needing to hire masons and build teams.
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The beauty of wood without fear of warping, rotting, splitting or pests.
Woodland Panels
Faux wood panels let you add the warmth and beauty of real wood to water features without the worry of warping or rotting from the moisture. Don’t worry yourself with costly and time consuming upkeep.
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