Faux Wood Paneling

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  • Faux wood paneling on the walls of a living room remodeled on TV's Home Free.
  • Exterior wood paneling on the ceiling of a patio overhang.
  • Imitation wood paneling on the walls of a restaurant renovated on the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible.
  • Fake wood paneling paired with beams on the ceiling of an antique home.
  • Log wood paneling in Smoke color accents one side of a stone home's exterior.
  • Faux barnwood paneling creates a kitchen backplash in a new home built on the Fox's Home Free.

Our faux wood paneling opens a huge range of interior or exterior design possibilities. Available in a wide selection of wood finishes including Barn Board, Bamboo, Log and other styles, these panels will instantly bring a warm, welcoming beauty to your project.

The panels are highly versatile to enhance living rooms, dens, bedrooms and any other space throughout the home. Outdoors they adapt beautifully as exterior siding, foundation accents and porches, or elements of garden and patio design.

Maintenance-free faux wood is also ideal for commercial locations. Real wood requires resealing and refinishing, which would have be done while the business is closed.

Bamboo will add tranquil beauty to retail stores, yoga studios, outdoor kitchen bars and more. Barn Board available in shiplap or non-shiplap brings weathered, reclaimed wood style to a room. Log siding recreates the look of a rustic cabin for any exterior.

Real wood gets its beauty from the elements: sunlight, heat, even the influence of insects or animals. Our wood paneling recreates the tiniest details of real wood’s coloring and texture without the erosion.

Thanks to the panels’ high-density polyurethane composition, it’s tough and durable in the face of wear and tear, without ever peeling or fading. The panels will look as fresh and new in the years to come as they do the day they are installed.

Polyurethane is also lightweight, making it cost-effective and simple for almost any homeowner to install without having to hire a professional. Your average household tools should be all you need to have the panels installed in almost no time. We provide easy, step-by-step instructions to enable you to have a happy, stress-free result to your project.

You’re only limited by your imagination! Take a look at what faux wood can do to brighten up your home or business.